Atreks Ltd. operates on the territory of Ruse and across northeastern Bulgaria for 10 years. The main activities developed are:

• Production of Rubber tiles and flooring;
• Production of rubber products for the chemical and machine building pads, clutches, gaskets and other components;
• Production of details from composite materials; Recycling, repair, maintenance and sale of machinery and professional cleaning equipment;
• Cutting, demonstration and marketing of cleaning and washing of cars, production facilities, enterprises of food industry and others.
• Trade with motor oils, additives and auto supplies.

For these activities we have:

• Production sites, service and storage
• Retail machines, oils and additives, chemicals and consumables in a good spot
• Vans

Our clients are manufacturing companies, transport companies, garages, repair shops for household appliances, shops, car washes, and many other companies and public organisations- users of products, goods and services from our nomenclature