ATREKS Ltd. since 2014 invested in the recovery of the extracted rubber granules as a waste product from the processing of tires through the production of technical products and widely used products replacing concrete elements. 

The production of rubber plates is carried out by special technology, including mixing of rubber granulate a certain size, glue and coloring. Pour into hot mold, pressed and then cooling is formed into finished product - rubber plates. 

The focus of our company is production impacted tiles for playgrounds, flooring sports facilities and industrial areas. 

The rubber materials and manufactured from waste tires rubber products in particular are successfully used in urban design, design of streets, playground equipment, flooring interior and exterior, horticulture, construction industry, transport infrastructure, sports systems, industrial products, agriculture, construction. 

It's a prosperous business related to the environment and provides a broad range of products with many advantages in the course of their various applications.